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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive a warranty replacement?

In order to receive a part covered under warranty you must contact us through our contact page first. Please describe the problem you have and we will gladly walk you through our easy warranty process.


What does the warranty cover and how long?

We stand behind all of the products that we sell 100%! All of the products come standard with a 12 month warranty. Our HID Conversion Kits now come with a LIFETIME warranty!


What’s the difference between 35w ballast and 55w ballast?

The 35w ballast is more geared towards a daily on-road driver, whereas the 55w is brighter and more suitable for off-road use only. Both the 35w and 55w ballasts will be a huge improvement over stock halogen bulbs.


What temperature color do you recommend?

We recommend the 6000K Hyper White temperature for all our kits. This temperature is the brightest light output of all the temperatures while eliminating any possible yellow color in your lights. The next best recommendation would be the 4300K OEM White. Both temperatures are great options it just comes down to what color you prefer.


Why do I need a Bixenon kit when I see I can get a Low beam kit as well?

If the vehicle search refers you to the Bixenon bulb size this is because your headlights only come with one bulb that works for both low and high beams. If you opt out in getting the Bixenon kit and choose to purchase the low beam kit you will no longer have the function of high beams.