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SLIMS HD Kinetic Recovery Rope with Soft Shackle

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SLIMS HD kinetic recovery rope and soft shackle is a must have on any vehicle! Our heavy duty, double braided, nylon kinetic rope has a high 33,500lb breaking strength to ensure confidence while using. Our kinetic rope has a 30% stretch so you can gain momentum when pulling to reduce stress on your vehicle compared to static tow straps. Dipped in a protective urethane-polymer for a durable coating and commercially spliced and seized at both ends. These ropes are water, UV, and abrasion resistant. Our soft shackles are ultra-high molecular polyethylene braided and jacketed for protection. Looking for a custom color? Contact us for ordering a custom colors and pricing.

Ships in 2-3 business days

Size: 30ft x 1in
Break Strength: 33,500lb
Size: 24in x 0.5in
Break Strength: 33,000lb

1 SLIMS HD Kinetic Recovery Rope
1 SLIMS HD Soft Shackle w/ Jacket

3 Year Warranty